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Department of Health and Human Performance

Big Ideas

The following priority fundraising projects were chosen by University Advancement for inclusion in the Big Ideas Round II initiative. Congratulations!

Drs. John Farrell III & Joni Mettler (HHP), Development of a Mobile Application for the Promotion of Physical Activity and Tracking of Fatigue in Persons with Multiple Sclerosis

Dr. Lindsey Oakes (HHP), Dr. Ting Liu (HHP), Dr. Mary Odum (HHP), Dr. Stephanie Dailey (Communication Studies), Dr. Bahram Asiabanpour (Ingram School of Engineering), & Dr. Paola Okuda, OT, Department of Psychiatry and Medical Psychology, Federal University of São Paulo, Using Photovoice Research to Examine Disability and Increase Community

Dr. Michelle (Shelly) Forsythe (C&I), Dr. Rob Dussler (The Meadows Center), Dr. Aimee Roundtree (English), Dr. B.J. Spencer (Engineering Technology), Dr. Scott Smith (Social Work), Dr. Anthony Deringer (HHP), & Miranda Wait (The Meadows Center), The Spring Lake VR Experience: Piloting Virtual Reality in K-12 Classrooms

Dr. Missy Fraser (HHP), Dr. Henry Griffith (Computer Science), Dr. Rachel Rolfe (HHP), & Dr. Yumeng Li (HHP), Development of a Novel Virtual Reality Platform for the Assessment and Rehabilitation of Sport-Related Concussion

Congratulations Sasi

Presidential Distinction Award

  "People who suffer from substance abuse disorders during pandemic",  Dr. Ron Williams

"Stay-at-home" doesn't mean "stay indoors",  Dr. Anthony Deringer and Dr. Kent Griffin

Promoting human performance and health-related quality of life for all.

HHP creates and disseminates knowledge promoting evidence-based practice in health promotion, exercise science and recreation professions. They work to promote improved human performance and quality of life through evidence-based interventions.