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Policy and Procedure Statement Index

Policy and Procedure Statement Index

Administration Organization

PPS 1.0 Program Coordinator Responsibilities

PPS 1.01Attachment A

PPS 1.02Personnel Committee

Personnel: Employment, Assignment, and Compensation

PPS 2.01Faculty Qualifications

PPS 2.02Faculty Workload

PPS 2.03Summer Workload

PPS 2.04Graduate Faculty Status

PPS 2.05 Clinical Faculty Appointments

Personnel: Development, Evaluation, Merit, and Tenure/Promotion

PPS 3.01Mentoring Committee

PPS 3.02Annual Faculty Evaluation

PPS 3.03Tenure and Promotion

PPS 3.04Promotion Policy for Clinical Faculty


PPS 4.01Absence From Campus

PPS 4.02Technology

PPS 4.03Accident Policy

PPS 4.04Locker Assignments

PPS 4.05Travel Policy