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Cardiovascular Physiology Lab

Cardiovascular Physiology Laboratory

Lab 2019

The cardiovascular physiology laboratory investigates lifestyle interventions with the potential to mediate arterial stiffness and endothelial function including yoga, aerobic exercise and resistance training. The Cardiovascular Physiology Laboratory is equipped with a Samsung Ultrasound machine equipped with a linear array transducer, Hokansson cuff inflation system, SphygmoCor device, laser Doppler flowmeter, heating element and Cholestech-LDX system for the measurements of flow-mediated dilation, arterial compliance, reactive hyperemia, central aortic stiffness, augmentation index, lipid profile and glucose. Arterial stiffness and vascular endothelial dysfunction are independent risk factors for coronary heart disease and are associated with hypertension, end-organ damage, stroke and cardiac events.


Dr. Stacy Hunter

Lab Director


FMD 2019

Pipsetting Lab