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Professional Program in Athletic Training Admission Policy

Successful candidates are selected for admission to Texas State University’s CAATE-accredited Professional Program in Athletic Training at the conclusion of Spring semester each year following participation in a competitive admissions process. Our admission criteria are based on objective and subjective measures of student performance in both the academic and clinical settings. Twenty (20) new students are admitted to our undergraduate Professional Program in Athletic Training each year. Formal notification of acceptance into the program occurs every year in June.


• Enroll at Texas State University as an Athletic Training major

• Complete five (5) prerequisite courses at Texas State with grades of "B" or above:

  • AT 1298 – Orientation to Athletic Training Education (2 credits)
  • AT 2156 – Taping and Bandaging of Athletic Injuries (1 credit)
  • AT 2260 – Acute Care of Injuries and Illnesses (2 credits)
  • AT 2356 – Prevention and Care of Athletic Injuries (3 credits)
  • BIO 2430 – Human Physiology and Anatomy (4 credits)

• Establish a Texas State University cumulative GPA of 2.75 or higher

• Complete 50 hours of directed athletic training observation as part of AT 1298 – Orientation to Athletic Training Education.

• Submit a completed written application by the April 1st deadline annually. (NOTE: The current application form and detailed list of all required application materials are obtained via enrollment in AT 1298 – Orientation to Athletic Training Education at Texas State University).

• The successful Athletic Training major who is selected for admission to the Professional Program in Athletic Training cohort must satisfy the following additional requirements for admission by August 1 each year.

  • Obtain a physical examination by an MD/DO, PA or ARNP
  • Submit a signed Physical Examination Verification form
  • Submit a signed hepatitis B vaccination (HBV) form or waiver
  • Submit a signed Technical Standards form
  • Hold current emergency cardiac care (ECC) certification in CPR/AED at the professional rescuer level. (NOTE: All applicants will obtain American Red Cross “CPR/AED for the Professional Rescuer” certification through completion of AT 2260 – Acute Care of Injuries and Illnesses at Texas State University).
  • Submit a $100 program fee that covers the costs of required Adidas athletic training professional attire and medical malpractice insurance premiums.

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Admission to Texas State University’s Professional Program in Athletic Training is based on a weighted score that utilizes a formula that employs 6 different objective evaluative criteria in its calculation:

1. Texas State University cumulative grade point average (30%) – We use the applicant’s cumulative Texas State GPA at the conclusion of the Spring semester in which the ATEP application in our calculations. The maximum GPA value at Texas State is 4.0 (a straight “A” average). Please note that while a minimum Texas State GPA of 2.75 is required to be eligible for AT program admission, the average GPA for the successful applicants who were admitted to our Professional Program in Athletic Training over the past 6 years is as follows:

Graduation Year

Number of Students Admitted to AT Program

AT Cohort Average Texas State GPA at Admission

Class of 2014



Class of 2015



Class of 2016



Class of 2017



Class of 2018



Class of 2019



Class of 2020




2. Personal interview score (20%) – Panels of no less than four athletic trainers affiliated with Texas State University will use a standardized set of questions and an 85-point scoring rubric in the evaluation of the interview with each applicant. The average score of all the interview evaluators is used in the formula.

3. Directed observation evaluation cards (20%) – Athletic training students and staff interact with the directed observers throughout the academic year and are requested to complete an evaluation card on the pre-athletic training major using a 5-point scoring rubric. Each applicant obtains five evaluations; the high and the low scores are dropped, and an average score is calculated from the three remaining evaluations and used in the formula.

4. Formal written essay describing motivation for becoming an athletic trainer (10%) –Texas State University AT faculty and staff read the applicant’s written essay that summarizes the candidate’s motivation for becoming an athletic trainer. The written essay is scored using a 4-point scoring rubric.

5. Cumulative score on athletic training skills tests as part of AT 1298 (10%) – Students taking AT 1298 – Orientation to Athletic Training Education are required to complete athletic training skills tests throughout the semester that they are enrolled in the course. Students are graded on their level of competency and are rewarded for completing the skills checks on time. A maximum of 75 points is available in this category, accounting for 10% of the weighted ranking score.

6. Participation in the Athletic Training/Sports Medicine Student Club (10%) – Athletic Training majors who are vying for admission to the Professional Program in Athletic Training earn 1 point for every Athletic Training/Sports Medicine Student (ATSM) Club fund-raising event or community service activity that they participate in throughout the academic year. The most points that one can be earned in this category are 5 points.

This formula is used to identify and rank the top 20 applicants who are offered for admission to the Texas State University Professional Program in Athletic Training each year. In addition, the names of the next 3 highest ranked applicants are placed on an alternate list, and can be offered full admission to the program if someone ranked ahead of them declines our offer.

Do you still have more questions about our AT Program? Please contact the program director, Dr. Darcy Downey, or 512-245-2980. Also, check out our Frequently Asked Questions section on our Athletic Training program information page.

Thank you for your interest in Texas State University!! Go Bobcats!!