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Course Descriptions

Public Health

Texas State University

Public Health Program

Public Health

Course Descriptions

1310 (PHED 1304) Foundations of Health. (3-0) An introduction to health education to acquaint students with basic principles of orthobiosis. Emphasis on the relevance of educating for health, present health trends and their implications.

2338 (PHED 1346) Contemporary Drug Issues. (3-0) Explores problems of decision making, emotional health, and choice of life styles in modern culture. Emphasis is upon prevention and effective teaching as a tool in this process. All mood and behavior modifiers are taken into consideration, as well as effects of drug dependency.

2340 Community Health. (3-0) Acquaints the student with all aspects of community and public health, functions of the community, voluntary and public health services at local, state, national, and international levels. Selected current health problems, pathological conditions, poverty, health care delivery problems related to school health.

2354 (PHED 1306) First Aid and Safety Education. (3-0) Lecture, laboratory course in Standard First Aid procedures, Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, and safety education. Opportunities given for American Red Cross Certification.

3301 Environmental Health Issues. (3-0) An examination of the ecological impact resulting from contemporary sociopolitical action and its resulting influence on human health.

3321 Health in the Elementary Setting. (3-0) Examination of traditional content matter in health promotion at the elementary level.

(WI) 3342 School Health Program. (3-0) Function and scope of school health services and healthful school living. Investigation and developing skills in screening tests, health appraisals, health counseling, accident prevention, and supervision of the health environment and health service personnel.

3348 Prevention of Disease. (3-0) Epidemiology of disease entities, identification and control of major communicable diseases of man. Special emphasis pertains to chronic disease, and the present epidemic of sexually transmitted disease in our society.

350 Consumer Health. (3-0) Involves students in establishing concepts toward self-protection against the continual bombardment in sales promotion about health products and services. The legislation, investigation, and education conducted by organization and agencies. Content includes prevention of quackery in unsolved health problems.

3360 Family Life and Sex Education. (3-0) An in-depth study for the prospective elementary and secondary teacher concerning the topic of instruction and the methods of teaching for grades kindergarten through twelfth in family life and sex education. Special emphasis on curriculum development and implementation.

3376 Health Promotion in the Workplace. (3-0) The purpose of this course is to orient students with the concept of health promotion as it relates to worksite wellness. Focus will be upon the planning, implementation, and evaluation of worksite wellness programs. Also to be discussed are other contemporary health issues in society.

4336 Concepts and Resources for Health and Wellness Promotion. (3-0) A survey of the function, roles, practices, concepts and activities that are generic to practitioners in health and wellness promotion programs. Content includes conducting health needs assessment, planning, prevention concepts, models for health promotion and marketing, implementation guidelines, program evaluation and programming for special health concerns including stress management, weight control, and smoking cessation.

(WI) 4340 Principles of Community Health Education. (3-0) Application of principles and techniques of public relations in the community health oriented settings, consideration of different communication media, analysis of the effectiveness of each. Content includes group dynamics in relation to the special needs of community health educators, basic issues and assumptions, group cohesiveness, leadership and group performance. Prerequisite H ED 2340.

4347 Independent Study in Health Promotion. (3-0) Designed for the undergraduate student who displays promise and aptitude for independent research study of a special problem in health promotion. Tutorial support will direct and enrich the research study project and will provide an opportunity for professional growth. Open on an individual basis by arrangement with the department chair. Repeatable for credit with different emphasis.

4350 Community Health Analysis. (3-0) Methods of evaluating community health needs and health education programs including instrument design, data gathering techniques, ability to use demographic data and vital statistics, interpreting, reporting, and application of findings for program involvement.

(WI) 4660 Internship in Public Health. (0-18) Participation in the on-going work of an official and/or voluntary health agency. The internship will be supervised by a member of the health education faculty. A minimum of one conference hour per week. Prerequisites: H ED 4340, 4350.