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Ability & Motor Lab

Ability and Motor Lab

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The Ability and Motor Laboratory (Jowers B-135) in the Department of Health & Human Performance focuses on individuals' abilities not disabilities. Individuals with disabilities may perform motor skills in different ways which can affect their academic performance, social and communication skills. However, recognizing those deficits early and incorporating motor skills into treatment plans may help childeren catch up to their peers.

Dr. Ting Liu (co-director) research interests broadly focus on the investigation of motor skills development, performance, and learning in children. Specifically, she is interested in examining the differnces of skill acquistion in typical and atypical children with different cognitive and motor capabilities. Currently, her scholarly line of research is to investigate motor behavior changes and to develop social and psychomotor interventions for children with autism spectrum disorder.

Dr. Lyn Litchke (co-director) research interests are implementing Therapeutic Recreation (TR) modality on adaptive yoga interventions for individuals with and without disabilities across the lifespan. Research studies have explored inclusion based activities to support evidence based TR practice.

Dr. Ting Liu Dr. Lyn Litchke
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