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Lindsay Kipp

Lindsay Kipp

Lindsay E. Kipp, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor


  • Ph.D., University of Minnesota
  • M.S., Illinois State University
  • B.S., Illinois State University

Contact: or 512-245-1971

Dr. Kipp received her Ph.D. in kinesiology, emphasis in psychology of physical activity, from the University of Minnesota in 2012. Dr. Kipp’s research interests include positive youth development through physical activity, specifically how coaches and peers can promote psychosocial and physical benefits for youth, such as self-esteem, self-determined motivation, connection with others, and physical activity behavior. Dr. Kipp teaches psychosocial aspects of exercise and sports science, theories and principles of coaching, and developmental sports education.

Selected Publications:

 Kipp, L.E., Bolter, N.D., & Phillips Reichter, A. (ahead of print). Motivational climate profiles, pubertal status, and well-being among female adolescent aesthetic sport athletes. Pediatric Exercise Science. DOI: 10.1123/pes.2018-0182


Weiss, M.R., Kipp, L.E., Phillips Reichter, A., Espinoza, S. & Bolter, N.D. (2019). Girls on the Run: Impact of a physical activity youth development program on psychosocial and behavioral outcomes. Pediatric Exercise Science, 31, 330-340. DOI: 10.1123/pes.2018-0168


Weiss, M.R., Kipp, L.E., & Espinoza, S.E. (2019). Motivational processes in youth sport and physical activity. In R.M. Ryan (Ed.), The Oxford Handbook of Motivation (pp. 487-506, 2nd ed.). London, UK: Oxford University Press.


Bolter, N.D., Kipp, L.E., & Johnson, T. (2018). Teaching sportsmanship in physical education and youth sport: Comparing perceptions of teachers with students and coaches with athletes. Journal of Teaching in Physical Education, 37, 209-217. DOI: 10.1123/jtpe.2017-0038


Kipp, L.E., & Weiss, M.R. (2015). Social predictors of psychological need satisfaction and well-being among female adolescent gymnasts: A longitudinal analysis. Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology, 4, 153-169.