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Therapeutic Recreation Culminating Experience

Therapeutic Recreation Culminating Experience

Internship and Case Study

Any student who does not hold the CTRS credential will be required to complete a full-time internship in their last semester of study. Internship placements and content will adhere to current standards as expressed by the National Council on Therapeutic Recreation Certification (NCTRC). As part of this experience, students will complete an in-depth case study on one client served within the internship. The case study will include an examination of literature related to the diagnostic group, individual characteristics, treatment philosophy, and intervention strategies. Further, the student will implement and document the TR Process with this client.

After the case study is submitted, faculty have approximately ten days to grade and evaluate the written answers from each student. Within three weeks after the graduate written comprehensive exam is administered, the Graduate Coordinator will notify the student via e-mail the exam results.

If the student does not successfully pass the case study, he/she may be asked to correct the current case report or possibly retake the internship experience. If the student does not successfully pass on a second attempt or if is terminated from the Internship experience, he/she will not be eligible to graduate from the therapeutic recreation major. the make-up exam(s), he/she must retake the course which he/she did not pass on during the next semester offered. A student cannot complete all requirements for graduation until he/she successfully completes the graduate written comprehensive exam.


Students who enter graduate studies with a CTRS credential are encouraged to pursue the Thesis option. Students should refer to MSRLS Thesis for specific information.