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Culminating Projects

Culminating Project

The Graduate Culminating project is designed to give students an opportunity to use evidence-based practice principles to answer a clinical research question of interest. Projects can be lab- or clinical-based research. The ability to answer a student’s clinical research questions will be dependent on the ability to provide adequate faculty mentoring and resources related to the project. We want to make sure the culminating project deeps the student’s understanding of evidence-based practice principles and the student’s topic of interest.

Before registering for AT 5347 Independent Study in Athletic Training, the student must complete the requirements which can be found on the Culminating Project Proposal Application.


Suggested Timeline for Culminating Project Completion

  • Fall - 1st year

  • Determine a graduate committee. All members on the committee must be graduate faculty. Your primary mentor must be within the Department of Health and Human Performance.

  • Determine a viable culminating project question

  • Spring - 1st year

  • Complete the culminating project prospectus

  • Propose the culminating project prospectus

  • Summer - 1st year

  • Complete the IRB process

  • Fall - 2nd year

  • Complete data collection

  • Spring - 2nd year

  • Complete culminating project manuscript/write-up

  • Defend culminating project

Final culminating project work and the Master’s Comprehensive Examination Report Form must be completed at least 12 days before the date of anticipated graduation. The form will be submitted to the program graduate coordinator.