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Athletic Training Summer Camp FAQ

Athletic Training Summer Camp FAQ

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  • Yes, all rooms are within the same building, but boys and girls are on different floors or wings. They are also all occupied by counselors as well. No boy is allowed in a girl room and vice versa.

  • YES!! Campers are supervised 24 hours a day! Megan and the camp counselors will be with the campers at all times and stay in the residence halls. Male counselors will be assigned the wings/floors of the male campers, and females assigned to the female areas. All meals, walks, etc. are accompanied by Megan and the counselors. Safety and accountability is very important to us!

  • We do not know that yet. We will know more as the university tells us, which sometimes isn't until right before camp. We do always request the residence halls closest to Jowers (where we will have class) and the dining halls. As we know more, Megan will send out a very detailed email explaining all you could want to know!

  • If you request a specific roommate on your registration form, Megan will pass that information on to University Housing. It is strongly suggested that they follow your requests and they usually do a great job of honoring those, but we cannot make any guarantees and no room changes can occur after they assign rooms. On the bright side, if you are not with your requested roommate, you are not in your room much at all; usually just to sleep. It is always great to network and get to meet new people from other schools too!

  • Students who live in or near San Marcos may commute to camp on a daily basis for the reduced cost of $295. We only suggest commuting for campers within 30 minutes of San Marcos. Please note camp hours can range from 8 AM-10 PM.

  • We do not know that yet. Those times are set by the university housing group with which we stay. Megan usually requests a 1-3 PM check-in and 11 AM check out. Once we know more, Megan will send out a very detailed email explaining everything. We know that you will need to plan for travel and will get that to you as soon as possible.

  • Students who qualify for enrollment in the Advanced Level camp must have completed at least one TSATA Sports Medicine (SM) course or Health Science (HSCI) course that is offered by their school or Texas State University’s Intermediate Camp AND have experience as an Athletic Training Student Aide. 

    • Two forms of written documentation must accompany the application at time of submission: clinical experience from the supervising athletic trainer and transcript or written documentation from the counselor or instructor.

    Please send ALL documentation in ONE envelope. If a student has been a Athletic Training Student Aide, but does not meet the above criteria, they qualify for our Intermediate Camp.

  • No problem!!

    That is great! If you have taken either TSATA’s Sports Medicine Course(s) or a Health Science course offered at your school, you may attend our Intermediate Camp.

    If you have not taken any courses nor have experience as an Athletic Training Student Aide, please sign up for our Beginner Camp. Hopefully we will give you a great representation of what athletic training is all about and our beautiful Texas State campus!

  • Yes! We have had campers in the past attend more than one of our camps. Please realize, they are not back to back, so you will need to make arrangements on transportation/housing/food during that time off.

  • Absolutely! We would love to have you attend our camps as many times as you would like! We’ve had many campers come back year after year, and it is always fun to keep up with you and catch up during camp!

  • That is a tough question to answer. Technically, the answer is no, but there are some factors about camp, that will help your transition to Texas State and our program. For instance, all the classes at camp are taught by faculty and staff at Texas State who will teach your classes once you enroll here, or Preceptors who will be your clinical supervisors. The camp counselors are current Athletic Training Students within the Professional Program in Athletic Training, who you can get to know and may one day cover a sport with. You will also become very familiar with Jowers, the building where all the Athletic Training courses take place, parts of Texas State campus, etc.

  • While this will make us sad, we understand that things happen. Refund requests for fully paid camp registrants that are received prior to May 16, 2020 (IDEA Schools), May 29, 2020 (Beginner Camp), May 22, 2020 (Intermediate Camp), or May 29, 2020 (Advanced Camp) will be granted in the amount of $295 for resident campers and $195 for commuters, reflecting the deduction of the initial, non-refundable deposit of $100. Cancellations after the above dates will be handled on a one-on-one basis.

  • Please bring your needed medications with you! At check-in, we will have a place for you to document your medication and dosage. You will keep those with and self-administer your medication unless other arrangements are made.

  • While we do hope that everyone is completely healthy, we do not need you to provide any confirmation of a physical. Please do note that there is quite a bit of walking and some physical activity associated with camp. Your attendance of camp is recognition and acceptance of that and your ability to participate.

  • You may choose to sign up for the optional CPR course when you send in your initial registration form, or at check in. Whenever you sign up, please send a separate check made payable to “Carla Heffner.”

  • The CPR class usually takes place one evening during classes or down town in the residence hall. This is all dependent on scheduling.

  • We will provide dinner on the day of check in, 3 meals a day for the 2 full days of camp, and breakfast on the day of check out.

    We will also have a concession stand and make pizza orders in the evenings. Campers and staff are not allowed to use the vending machines, go to local stores, or make their own orders. Please bring additional cash for snacks.

  • Floating the river is an option and dependent upon weather. If a camper would like to float the river, they must have a waiver signed by their parent/legal guardian. If a camper doesn’t have a signed waiver or would prefer not to float the river, we will have a movie playing in our theatre-style classroom.

  • No. The San Marcos River does not have any lifeguards on duty. Most years, some of the counselors are “water rescue certified” from a course taken previously. We do, however, have campers’ parents/legal guardians sign liability waivers indicating that campers know they are tubing at their own risk.

  • Since the San Marcos River is a natural body of water, the depth and rate are not constant. The flow is dependent upon previous rainfall. The depth can be anywhere from waist deep to overhead.

    We float using the Lions Club Tube Rentals. You can visit their website to see more about the experience

    *Campers are NOT allowed to go down the tube chutes during camp. All campers will exit the river prior to the chutes.

  • Each group will perform a skit/talent for the talent show. It is A LOT of fun! You do not, however, have to perform an individual talent.

  • Each year we purposely split up campers from the same school to be on different teams. This allows for campers to meet new people. Don't worry!  You will still be in the same classes, get to sit next to your friends, etc. You will just be competing on a different team and against your friends, which makes it way more fun!

  • While there is no true minimum age in years, we do only accept students who are entering into their freshman year in high school through freshman in college.

  • The additional fee of $45 reflects the increased cost per night of campus housing that the University Housing Service will charge our camp for any housing reservations made after the following deadlines:

    • May 16, 2020 (IDEA Schools)
    • May 29, 2020 (Beginner Camp)
    • May 22, 2020 (Intermediate Camp)
    • May 29, 2020 (Advanced Camp)
  • Texas State does not directly offer any scholarships, but we do attend many of the regional student symposiums and provide multiple door prizes of $100 off tuition coupons at each that we attend or are invited. Hopefully you will be lucky enough to win one!

    We also provide group discounts! When 3 or more students from the same high school register together, they each will each receive a $40 discount, reducing the registration fee from $395 to $355 per camper. To receive this discount, please submit all of the applications of students from the same high school in the same envelope, with “group discount” indicated on the 2nd page of the application form under “payment information.”

    Lastly, under the “piggy bank” icon, you will find an outside scholarship that is not offered by Texas State, but an outside group that asks us to post it for interested campers. We have had previous campers win this scholarship and attend our camp!

  • The price of our camp is set by the need to pay for food, housing, supplies and equipment, floating the river, counselor, staff, and faculty salaries, etc. We try to keep this price as low as possible and are happy to say that with the length of our camp, we find that we are among the cheapest and our price has not had to increase within the past few years!

  • Years ago, we started out with one camp. We then found we had so many different levels of campers that we needed a beginner/advanced option. We ran these both at the same time until we just had more campers than we felt we could best provide for at one time.

    A few years ago, 2015, we split the camps into 2 different times and loved it!

    We have found that we can provide much more meaningful instruction and interaction with our campers. In 2018, we had such high enrollment that we ran three camps over the two date offerings.  To ensure ideal education and experiences for our campers, we have chosen to host three camps!  This also gives campers the chance to attend multiple camps within the same summer.

    Now we are up to 4 camps because of enrollment and to provide the best education and experiences for all of our camps.

  • If you are driving yourself to campus, please let Megan know ASAP so that she can have a parking permit for you. She will also remind you to do this when she sends out her informational email. Once on campus, one of the counselors will direct you to the appropriate parking lot and walk back to the residence hall with you.

    Once on campus, all transportation will be done on foot or via the glass bottom boat tour (if possible for that year.) Please bring comfortable shoes and clothes.

  • When 3 or more students from the same high school register together, they each will each receive a $40 discount, reducing the registration fee from $395 to $355 per camper. To receive this discount, please submit all of the applications of students from the same high school in the same envelope, with “group discount” indicated on the 2nd page of the application form under “payment information.”

    *Late fees of $45 will still apply after the following deadlines:

    • IDEA: May 16, 2020
    • Beginner: May 29, 2020
    • Intermediate: May 22, 2020
    • Advanced: May 29, 2020

For additional information or questions contact:

Megan Haynes,