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Three New ESS Graduate Degree Concentrations

Beginning in Fall 2019, students in the Exercise and Sports Science master's program will have three concentration options from which to choose. These concentrations will allow our students to obtain a more specialized education in their areas of interest.

 Physical Activity Literacy Concentration

In Fall 2019, the M.Ed. in Physical Education will be removed from the degrees offered by the Department of Health and Human Performance. Instead, those interested in physical education and sports education can pursue an M.S. in Exercise & Sports Science with a concentration in Physical Activity Literacy. This degree option meets the demand of students seeking advanced training in allied health professions and kinesiology/exercise science and is designed for those graduate students who seek to pursue careers instructing and/or promoting physical activity in community and sport settings.

Students completing this 36-hour program (42 with student teaching) will be eligible for teacher certification.

For more information, contact Dr. Kent Griffin.

 Health and Rehabilitation Sciences Concentration

The Health and Rehabilitation Sciences Concentrations seeks to meet the needs of students looking for advanced training that will improve their academic profile for admission to allied health professional degrees (DPT, OTD, PA). As the Health and Human Performance Department phases out the post-professional M.S. in Athletic Training, this interdisciplinary concentration may also be attractive to licensed AT students seeking experiences with Division 1 athletics, or other allied health professionals seeking to expand their professional skills.

This 36-hour program will allow students to choose between a thesis and non-thesis route.

For more information, contact Dr. Duane Knudson.

 Strength & Conditioning and Sport Coaching Concentration

The Strength & Conditioning and Sport Coaching concentration will meet the needs of graduate students pursuing careers in diverse sport and athletic settings. Graduate students will gain an understanding of the scientific principles of physical training, as well as the psychological and social factors that impact participation in sports from early adolescence to adulthood. Graduates will also be prepared to seek advanced professional certifications and/or pursue a doctoral degree in various sport studies.

This 36-hour program will allow students to choose between a thesis and non-thesis route.

For more information, contact Dr. Lindsay Kipp.

Featured Awards

Samantha Goldenstein

Samantha Goldenstein

ESS Outstanding Graduate Student Award

Maureen Fisch

Maureen Fisch

American Kinesiology Association Master's Scholar Award Nominee