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Athletic Training

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Master's Program Transition

The incoming Fall 2019 cohort will be the last cohort to enter our 12-year-old Post-Professional Master's in Athletic Training program. The program is retiring in order to transition to a Professional Master's program that will afford more opportunities to entry-level athletic training students who have not yet sat for the BOC exam for athletic trainers.

For students who are coming out of an undergraduate program already certified, our Exercise and Sports Science division is instituting a new M.S. degree in which graduate assistantships for athletic trainers will be available. This new program will be open to applicants from accredited undergraduate programs in athletic training and will offer three concentrations: Health and Rehabilitation Sciences, Strength & Condition and Sport Coaching; and Physical Activity Literacy. Read more about the new program in the ESS section of the Performance Report.

New Faculty

Dr. Jim Farnsworth

Jim Farnsworth, Ph.D., ATC

Assistant Professor, joined Fall 2018

Rachel Rolfe, Ph.D., ATC

Rachel Rolfe, Ph.D., ATC

Assistant Professor, will join Fall 2019

Find Us at NATA

Current graduate students and faculty, along with alumni of our master's program will be presenting research at NATA's 70th Clinical Symposia and AT Expo in Las Vega, NV from June 24 to 27, 2019. Come hear about all the great research that is being conducted at Texas State:

  • Dr.  Missy Fraser, Assistant Professor
    "Get off my back!": Why moods and attitudes are an important sport-related concussion consideration
  • Dr. Jim Farnsworth, Assistant Professor
    Examining historical research trends within the Journal of Athletic Training using text mining
  • Dr. Rachel Rolfe, Assistant Professor
    Runners with exercise-related lower leg pain exhibit increased contact time and strength deficits
  • Leah Kilchrest, '20
    The role of athletic identity in the etiology of medial tibial stress syndrome in college runners
  • Lupe Mexicano, '19
    The acute:chronic workload ratio is associated with injury in adolescent tennis players
  • Kristen Aguilar, '19
    The acute:chronic workload ratio in relation to join pain in adolescent tennis players
  • Troy Mendenhall, '18
    Comparison of instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization and passive stretching to improve glenohumeral range of motion and function
  • Kate Madison, '17
    Rib stress injuries among female NCAA collegiate rowers: A prospective epidemiological pilot study
  • Kimmy Penilla, '17
    Effects of chronic lower extremity injury on health-related quality of life in current and former Division I track and field athletes

Featured Awards

C.J. Macha
David Gish Scholarship
Austin Hagan
David Gish Scholarship
Hayden Jaco
Bobby Patton Scholarship