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Public Health

Welcome to Public Health!

Health Promotion is both the art and science of promoting wellness among individuals and communities. Wellness encompasses not only the physical health of people, but the emotional, social, spiritual and intellectual aspects as well. The attainment of lifetime health and wellness is gained through acquiring knowledge, developing health-promoting positive attitudes and skills to adopt and practice healthy behaviors.

It is an exciting time for health professionals with many emerging challenges. Today more than half of all premature deaths in the United Stated are caused by lifestyle related problems, including diabetes, obesity, tobacco, alcohol, other drug use, and other risky behaviors.

Professional health educators work in schools, communities, state, federal, and local health agencies, voluntary health organizations, and non-governmental organizations to help prevent many of these life-altering, health problems and enhance quality of life for millions of people. The career opportunities for graduates are limitless and you are invited to explore the exciting and cutting-edge course offerings within the Health and Wellness Promotion Program.

Undergraduate Coordinator

Dr. Jeff Housman

Graduate Coordinator

Dr. Ron Williams