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Student Organizations

Association of Recreation Enthusiasts (A.R.E.)

Purpose:  To provide a welcoming cohesive student based organization where members can enjoy and participate in all forms of recreation while also focusing on professional development.

Sponsor: Allie Thomas,  

Sponsor: Jessica Dupree,

President: Kassie Holmes

Vice President:  Holly Davidson

Treasurer: Azeneth Valle

Committee Chairs: Cady Mulke, Alyssa Romano, Masyn Upchurch, Mackenzie Falcon

Athletic Training and Sports Medicine Club

Purpose: The ATSM club is an informal place for current and prospective athletic training students to network together through social activities and learning experiences.

Sponsor: Carla Heffner,

Sponsor: Jason Karlik, 

Eta Sigma Gamma, Delta Chi Chapter

Purpose: Eta Sigma Gamma is a national health education honorary society. The principal purpose of Eta Sigma Gamma is to elevate the standards, ideals, competence and ethics of professionally trained men and women in and for the Health Science discipline. Eta Sigma Gamma's objectives clarify that the principal purpose can be achieved by: stimulating scientific research; facilitating communication and discussion between individuals, agencies, and governmental jurisdictions though the exchange of practices and philosophies; motivating service and academic achievement; recognizing service and academic achievement; developing methods, materials and programs; and raising professional standards and ethics.

Sponsor: Dr. Ron Williams,       

Sponsor: Dr. Mary Odum,

Sponsor: Dr. Jeff Housman,

Sponsor: Ms. Megan Newhouse-Bailey,

2018-2019 Officers

President: Ashley Khanhkham

Vice President: Colleen Cook

Secretary: Sara Smith

Treasurer: Whitney Mack

Historian: Masaya Rowe

Exercise and Sports Science Organization

Purpose: The purpose of this organization is to assist students in furthering their career in the field of Exercise Sports and Science; to unite people with the same field of study and share knowledge and ideas. We also make available the chance to attend conferences and conventions where students participate in professional development in the field.

Sponsor: Marty Wright Leonard

Sponsor: Jennifer Ahrens

Sponsor: Stacey Bender

REC Honorary Club: Rio Phi Lambda, BETA Epsilon Chapter

Purpose: is an Honorary Professional Recreation, Park, and Leisure Services Fraternity

1.      To recognize superior recreation/parks/ leisure major students;

2.      To encourage the development of professional standards for the leisure field;

3.      To stimulate the personal development of individual members' professional growth in the leisure field;

4.      To cultivate, foster and promote a sentiment of amity among the students of the leisure profession; and

5.      To recognize those persons who have made outstanding contributions to the field of recreation/parks/leisure.

Sponsor: Jo An Zimmermann,

President: Sam Torro

Vice President: Joshua Waclawczyk

Treasurer: Sarah Walters

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