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Therapeutic Interventions Laboratory

Therapeutic Interventions Laboratory


The Therapeutic Interventions Laboratory’s mission is to advance healthcare and quality of life for physically active, elderly and military personnel suffering from musculoskeletal injuries and conditions. We work to understand the physiological processes and clinical outcomes of therapeutic interventions in physical medicine and rehabilitation, primarily electrotherapeutic modalities (e.g. therapeutic ultrasound and diathermy, iontophoresis and sonophoresis drug delivery systems, and photobiomodulation therapy)


The Therapeutic Interventions Laboratory is directed by Justin H. Rigby, PhD, LAT, ATC, Assistant Professor in the Department of Health and Human Performance.

Instruments and Equipment

The Therapeutic Interventions Laboratory houses state of the art instrumentation for data collection and analysis, which include: GE Healthcare NextGen LOGIQ e R7 imaging ultrasound, Luminex MAGPIX multiplexing analyzer, MOOR Instruments Laser Doppler Flowmeter, EMD Millipore Direct-Q 3UV Water System, Anprolene EtO AN74i gas sterilizer and smaller standard laboratory items.

Collaboration with Laboratories in the Department of Health and Human Performance

The Therapeutic Interventions Laboratory works in conjunction with the Neuromuscular Physiology Laboratory and Biomechanics and Sports Medicine Laboratory to measure muscle function through musculoskeletal ultrasound images, electromyography, blood and muscle biopsy biochemistry, and muscle performance and functional tests.