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Online Registration

New members

must complete online registration. The information in the form is used to generate our electronic attendance roster. Attendance is a key piece that we use to make programming decisions, monitor attendance during attendance challenges, and evaluate the program. This form also subscribes members to our email list, which we use to send out newsletters and important notices regarding the program.

Online Registration

Current and Returning Members

Returning WellCats members do not need to re-register, but Personal Health and Wellness Appraisals must be updated annually.

A very important piece of our evaluation of WellCats is the Personal Health and Wellness Appraisal.

Employees complete the appraisal the first time they register and again every year thereafter. For updating their Personal Health and Wellness Appraisal, employees will receive a WellCats appreciation gift. The Personal Health and Wellness Appraisal is critical for the success of WellCats. Results are used to:

  • Provide members with feedback based on their medical/health history and behavioral risk factors. For instance, if a member is at high risk for cardiovascular, metabolic, and/or renal disease, we want the member to know in hopes that he/she will: visit with his/her doctor if have not already done; take precautions when exercising; talk to the group fitness instructor and ask for modifications; consider making lifestyle changes; etc. 
  • Personalize services based on member responses to personal health appraisals. For instance, those who report musculoskeletal problems, we invite them to attend Walk with Ease.
  • Track the data so that we can continue to build a case for the importance of WellCats at Texas State. Thus, annually, we ask members to complete another health appraisal. We need to know if the program is working. For instance, if the number of behavioral risks per member is decreasing, then it is working. If not, then we need to make adjustments. Ultimately, the data is used to keep the program going, as we need to demonstrate its value to University administrators.   

In order for WellCats to flourish, we need your help. Please complete your annual Personal Health and Wellness Appraisal. Thank you for helping us make WellCats the best university wellness program in the country!