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Walk with Ease

The Arthritis Foundation’s Walk With Ease program is an evidence-based program that reduces the pain of arthritis and improves overall health.  Learn how to incorporate physical activity into your everyday life, safely and effectively.  Studies show that WWE reduces the pain and discomfort of arthritis; increases balance, strength, and walking pace; builds participants’ confidence in the ability to be physically active; and improves overall health.

WellCats Walk With Ease

What is Walk With Ease?
Designed by the Arthritis Foundation, this evidenced-based walking program teaches participants how to safely make physical activity part of their everyday life. Each Walk With Ease class involves both education and physical activity. Our Arthritis Foundation certified leaders will help participants develop a walking plan that meets their needs, as well as learn how to stay motivated, manage their pain, and to exercise safely.

What are the proven benefits of participating in Walk With Ease? Research has shown that Walk With Ease can:

  • Reduce pain and discomfort associated with arthritis
  • Increase balance, strength and walking pace
  • Build confidence in being physically active
  • Improve overall health



Who is Walk With Ease best suited for?
The program is specifically designed for people with osteoarthritis and other chronic conditions and/or who are sedentary. However, every Texas State employee is invited to participate in Walk With Ease.

What is expected of participants?
During the 6-week program, our goal is for participants to attend at least 2 instructor-led classes and to walk at least one other time on their own each week.

What do participants receive?

  • A Walk With Ease book
  • A chance to win a $75 gift card to be used towards the purchase of a pair of exercise shoes from Core Running Company. To be eligible for this drawing, participants must attend at least 10 classes during the 6-week Walk with Ease program.

When and where are Walk With Ease classes offered?
The first 6-Week Session will be offered June 7th thru July 20th and begin in the Jowers Center Yoga Studio B105. Classes meet on M/W from 7-8am and T/TH from 12-1pm. (Those with strict work schedules should still come. We realize that some participants may to leave class early to get to work.) **To complete the registration process, all participants must attend an “Intro Class” either on Wednesday, June 7th at 7am (Jowers A206), or Thursday, June 8th (Jowers A207) at 12pm.

How to register for Walk With Ease?
To register for Walk With Ease, contact Carolyn Swearingen at or 245-1972.