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Mix-It-Up Challenge

Mix-It-Up: A points challenge to try new things and reach your goals!

What is the Mix-It-Up Challenge?

This summer, WellCats is offering an extra challenge to all those aspiring to start, work toward, reach, or surpass their wellness goals. The Mix-It-Up Challenge rewards those who attend a variety of classes in a variety of locations. Different sites award different points; and the more sites you visit, the better your chances are of earning rewards.

Wrist pedometer (75 pts)

75 pts

Wrist pedometer

Cooling towel (125 pts)

125 pts

Cooling towel

Exercise mat with shoulder strap carrier (150 pts)

150 pts

Exercise mat with shoulder strap carrier

What rewards you ask?*  

3 tiers, 3 prizes…Let’s see how many WellCats members finish strong at Tier 3!!!

Tier 1: A wrist pedometer (75 pts)

Tier 2: Cooling towel (125 pts)

Tier 3: Exercise mat with shoulder strap carrier (150 pts)

What is the point breakdown by class?

Location – Activity Points Total Points Possible/Activity
JCK- Non-Pretzel Yoga 5 65
Alkek- Strength, Stretch, No Sweat! 5 65
LBJ – Meditation & Relaxation 5 65
Smith House – Strength, Stretch, No Sweat! 5 65
Jowers (Morning) 3 78
Jowers (Noon) 1 65
Jowers(Evening) 3 156
Aqua Classes/Open Swim 3 150
Walk with Ease Program 5 (+10 for signing up) 90 (100 w/ sign up)
SRC w/ Membership 1 65
SRC – Free Fridays 5 65
Lunch ‘n Learn (LnL) 5 25
Cooking Classes 5 20
Health Behavior Change Coaching (HBCC) - Invite Only 20 20
Consultations (HBCC/Nutrition) 10 20
Fitness Testing 10 20
Round Rock Campus (Ex. Classes & LnL) 20 320

How long is the Mix-It-Up Challenge?

The challenge will run from May 30th to August 25th so there is no time to waste! All you have to do in order to get your points is sign-in on the iPads at the beginning of each class. When you reach the required points for one of the tiers, we will contact you with the choice of either receiving the reward through campus mail or coming in person to pick it up.

Who is the point of contact?

If you have any questions, please contact Josh Arguelles at