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Total Wellness

Services provided by: Total Wellness, Department of Health and Human Performance

Department of Physical Therapy Nutrition and Foods,

School of Family and Consumer Sciences Worklife

Human Resources Campus Recreation


As part of your membership, you will have access to information covering upcoming events, nutrition topics, healthy recipes, and health behavior change coaching strategies via a weekly newsletter, Facebook, and our Web site. 
1. Register online HERE. (Registration is complete when a confirmation number appears.)
2. Submit a Health Risk Appraisal and General Release/Waiver to Carolyn (Clay) Swearingen, Department of HHP.    
Wellness Time
With supervisor approval, employees are eligible for up to 30 minutes per day of paid release time to attend wellness activities. Workshops coordinated through Professional Development are counted as work time. See UPPS 04.04.32 for details.

Importance of Tracking Attendance
We would like to remind you to please always sign-in at your classes or sessions. Accurate attendance records are very important in helping us build a case for the future of the wellness program. Thank you for your help with this!

​Employee Wellness Services:

A variety of exercise formats tailored to meet the varying interests and fitness levels of our participants at different times and locations.
Find information about individual nutritional consultation sessions, healthy recipes, and
Lunch 'n' Learn materials here.
Find information about group coaching sessions and Lunch 'n' Learn materials here.

Additional Services:  Some additional services are offered at no cost to Texas State Wellness members.  Click for more information.

PictureWhether you are in great physical shape or new to exercise, the personal training services offered by Total Wellness-San Marcos can help you achieve your goals. Personal training uses a variety of formats to help you meet your goals and keep exercise fun. 
PictureThe BOD POD estimates lean muscle mass and the percentage of body fat. This egg-shaped pod uses air displacement to measure the body’s density within a 2% margin of error. Uses the most advanced technology available today.
Individuals of all ages, body weights, and fitness levels can undergo a health-related physical fitness assessment to identify your fitness level, determine your health status, & help design an optimal exercise program. 
PictureThis comprehensive intervention will focus on diet, physical activity, and behavioral management strategies to help you achieve and maintain a healthy body weight, become physically fit, build self-esteem, and adopt positive lifestyle behaviors for life-long health and wellness

Click HERE for information on TW-San Marcos and SMCISD Wellness.