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As part of your membership, you will have access to information covering upcoming events, nutrition topics, healthy recipes, and health behavior change coaching strategies via a weekly newsletter, Facebook, and our Web site. 

1. Register online HERE. (Registration is complete when a confirmation number appears.)
2. Submit a Health Risk Appraisal and General Release/Waiver to Carolyn (Clay) Swearingen, Dept. of HHP.    

Wellness Time
With supervisor approval, employees are eligible for up to 30 minutes per day of paid release time to attend wellness activities. Workshops coordinated through Professional Development are counted as work time. See UPPS 04.04.32 for details.

Importance of Tracking Attendance
We would like to remind you to please always sign-in at your classes or sessions. Accurate attendance records are very important in helping us build a case for the future of the wellness program. Thank you for your help with this!

​Employee Wellness Services:

These services are offered at no cost to Texas State WellCats members. Click for scheduling and information.