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Department of Health and Human Performance (HHP)


HHP Policy and Procedure Statement: 4.02                                                                Technology

Revised: September 7, 2012                                                                                          

Review Date: September 7, 2015

Reviewer: The Technology Committee and HHP Voting Faculty



1.   The purpose of this policy is to broadly determine the procedures for allocating

 electronic technology resources in The Department of Health and Human Performance.


2.    TSP: Technology Support Specialist.

3.    FTE: Fulltime Employment.

4.    HEAF:  Higher Education Assistance Funds.

5.    CRP: Computer Replacement Program - Through the CRP, the University has dedicated HEAF funds to provide faculty and staff with Dell or Apple desktop computers that are configured to function effectively for a minimum life cycle of three years.

 Computer Replacement Program 

6.   New tenure track faculty are first to receive allocations.

7.   Faculty and staff may choose to defer receiving a computer during their CRP cycle.  Those who defer will be placed second to the new hire tenure track faculty for the following year.

8.   All other eligible faculty and staff, who are full-time employees and paid from eligible accounts, i.e., E & G and “method of finance” (certain designated fund accounts determined by the Budget Office) will receive a new computer on rotation basis.

9.  Faculty and staff who have been scheduled to receive new computers will be contacted during the fall semester to obtain information that is critical to a successful installation. Once this information has been submitted to Technology Resources, the new computer will be ordered, and the delivery will be coordinated with the TSP of the department. 

10. Faculty and staff have a choice of either a Mac or PC desktop or laptop.  The cost of a standard desktop unit is funded by the CRP.  However, the department must assume the additional cost of a laptop or non-standard computer. A request must be submitted to the Chair for approval.

 Refurbished Computer Placement

11. Computers that have been replaced with new CRP computers may be refurbished by the TSP if they meet or exceed the minimum hardware configuration set forth by Technology Resources. These computers will be given to faculty and staff who are not eligible for the CRP (e.g., graduate assistants, part-time faculty and staff, faculty paid from auxiliary, grant, or other designated accounts).

 12. Allocations of refurbished computers are prioritized as follows:

a.    Graduate teaching assistants

b.    Graduate instructional assistants

c.    Part-time faculty (with an FTE of .5 or greater)

d.    Part-time staff (with an FTE of .5 or greater)

*Priority may be altered at the Department Chair’s discretion

 Technology Equipment Checkout

 13. Check out of technology equipment (e.g., laptop, computers, video cameras, digital cameras, and projectors) is based on a first come, first served basis.

 14.  Faculty or staff should email a request for equipment to the TSP at least one week before the equipment is needed. 

 15.  The TSP will notify the requestor of equipment availability.

 16.  Unless special arrangements are made with the Department Chair, equipment may be checked out for no more than one week.

Grant Equipment

 17.  Prior to ordering technology equipment, grant recipients should consult with the TSP to ensure that the order meets university standards.

 18.  TSP will inventory all grant equipment before issuing to grant recipients.

 19.  Maintenance of all grant equipment will be performed every 6 months through a maintenance schedule determined by TSP.

 20.  All grant equipment is considered Texas State University property and will remain within the department if the grant recipient leaves the department. Faculty leaving the department will check all grant equipment into TSP before the last day of employment.


 21. Technology Resource makes available a wide variety of software for faculty and staff. Some software products are available for departmental use at no cost while other products are available at a discounted price.

 22. Software not supported by Technology Resources may be purchased by the Department if it is approved by the Department Chair.

 23. TSP will install requested software upon availability from the Technology Resources.  Request should be submitted to TSP.

 24. Time frame for new software installation will be based on availability from Technology Resources. 

 25. An inventory of departmental software and hardware will be kept by the TSP.



This HHP PPS has been approved by the reviewers listed below and represents the HHP policy and procedure from the date of the document until superseded.


         Faculty Representative: ____________________        Date:   __________


         Approver: ______________________              Date:   __________

                  Chair of the HHP Department


Appendix A

Equipment Check-Out / Liability Form

This form is to be used to check out HHP equipment, including video cameras, digital cameras, projectors, media carts and notebook computers. 

Quantity                      Description (Please include asset tag number if available)

_______                      ______________________________________________

_______                      ______________________________________________

_______                      ______________________________________________

_______                      ______________________________________________

_______                      ______________________________________________


The borrower assumes responsibility for replacing lost or stolen equipment and for paying for repairs that are not a result of normal wear and tear.

Faculty/Staff Name (Print)      _________________________________________

Faculty/Staff Signature           _________________________________________

Office Phone Number             _________________________________________

Department                            _________________________________________

Dates Needed                         _________________________________________

Return Date                            ________________________________________


For Office Use Only: 


Date Returned:                       _________________________________________


Comments:                              ______________________________