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Program Coordinator

The Department of Health and Human Performance (HHP)

HHP Policy and Procedure Statement: 1.01                                                    Program Coordinator

Revised: November 21, 2008                                                                                     Responsibilities

Review Cycle: December 1, every 3 years                                                               (23 paragraphs)           

Review Date: December 1, 2011                                                                                                       

Reviewer: The HHP Voting Faculty



1.   The purpose of this document is to outline the roles and responsibilities of the Health and Human Performance (HHP) Program Coordinators.

Appointment of Program Coordinators

2.   The Department Chair, in consultation with the Personnel Committee (PC), will appoint a Program Coordinator for each of the following academic programs: Athletic Training, Health Education, Physical Fitness and Wellness (PFW), Graduate and Undergraduate Exercise and Sports Science, Recreation, and Teacher Education.

3.   Each Program Coordinator will receive at least one course release for administrative duties each year. The Department Chair may provide an additional course release to a Program Coordinator who has additional responsibilities and/or is overseeing a large program with a large number of majors. These additional course releases will be given on an individual basis.

Required Qualifications

4.   Academic Degree Program Coordinators will be academically qualified. Academic qualifications include a terminal degree in the discipline and be a member of the PC if personnel decisions are involved.

5.   Due to the nature of the PFW program in offering 1-hour, freshman-level physical activity courses (i.e., PE and PFW 1100), the academic qualifications of the PFW Program Coordinator are different than those required for the other Program Coordinator positions. The PFW Program Coordinator is recommended: 1) to have experience in teaching (e.g., teaching physical education or physical activity courses in grades K-16); 2) to maintain his/her academic qualifications by attending conferences or other professional development workshops; 3) to have certifications related to the field; and 4) to contribute to his/her discipline through scholarly and service-related activity.

General Responsibilities. Roles and responsibilities of Program Coordinators include the following:

6.   Serve as the liaison between faculty within their respective program and the HPER Chair.

7.   Schedule and conduct program meetings at least twice each semester.

8.   Ensure that:

8.01     Minutes of program meetings and reports are prepared and submitted to Department Chair, the Program Faculty, and the Program Coordinators Committee (PCC).

8.02     Any additional necessary documentation is collected, prepared and reported to other constituents as warranted.

9.   Curriculum:

9.01     Work with program faculty to develop syllabi and ensure courses are current and consistent with HPER, COE, and University educational objectives.

9.02     Monitor core-course content by ensuring that course descriptions and course objectives are consistent among multi-section courses through a review of syllabi.

9.03     Review and ensure that textbooks and other teaching materials used in their respective program courses are up-to-date and innovative.

9.04     Schedule courses within their respective program and ensure that all courses are taught by academically qualified faculty.

9.05     Review and modify program curriculum when necessary to ensure that the program is offering innovative and up-to-date courses and degrees.

10.  Assurance of quality teaching:

10.01    Assure that all per course adjuncts and graduate teaching/instructor assistants, lecturers, first-year senior lecturers, and new tenure-track faculty within their division are observed according to Academic Affairs PPS 8.01.

10.02   Assure evaluation of quality teaching of all faculty at least annually according to Academic Affairs PPS 8.10.

11.  Before the fall semester, assist with hosting a one-week professional development workshop for all graduate assistants.

12.  Oversee or appoint a qualified faculty member to oversee student internships and independent studies.

13.  With the exception of the Undergraduate ESS Coordinator, advise graduate students, develop degree outlines, and administer and grade comprehensive examinations and submit a completed comprehensive examination form to the Graduate College

14.  With the exception of the Undergraduate ESS Coordinator, assign faculty mentors for new Graduate Instructional Assistants (GIA).

15.  Oversee development of student learning outcomes (SLO), assessment of SLO, dissemination of results of SLO, and develop action plans based on these results.

16. Oversee degree admissions and student registration (primarily as it related to closed classes).

17.  In consultation with program faculty and with help from the HPER Technology Specialist, maintain and update the website for their respective program

18. Perform duties as assigned.

Specific Responsibilities. All Program Coordinators are expected to fulfill the general responsibilities. The following Program Coordinators have additional responsibilities:

19. Physical  Fitness and Wellness (PFW) Coordinator:

19.01   Oversees the professional conduct and performance of all Graduate Teaching Assistants (GTA) and GIAs in the teaching of PFW/PE classes.

19.02   Organizes and conducts “Boot Camp,” a training and professional development workshop for GIAs and GTAs, two times each year.

19.03   Conducts specific content training sessions for new instructors.

19.04   Serves as the teacher of record for numerous on and off campus PFW courses (e.g., ROTC, back packing, and challenge courses,)

19.05   Coordinates all curriculum modifications or additions (e.g., new courses as well as new content, skill/fitness assessments, self-efficacy surveys, and other data collection procedures) for both PE and PFW courses.

19.06   Coordinates the suggestions relating to any new equipment, possibility of repair or replacement of damaged equipment.

19.07   Acts in a cooperative effort with the facilities coordinator to ensure safe effective environments for physical activity areas and GIA/GTA office space.

19.08   Serves as the chain of command supervisor when GIAs/GTAs have conflicts with student issues or questions (absences, grades or inappropriate behaviors).

19.09   Oversees all involvement with the use of technology (heart rate monitors, PDA and software) in classes.

19.10   Oversees all communication with all PFW off-campus facilities and instructors.

19.11   Coordinates the selection and ordering of all PFW/PE textbooks.

19.12   Actively participates in the recruiting and hiring process of new GIA/GTAs students.

19.13   Purchases and distributes the PFW instructor polo shirts for all staff.

19.14   Coordinates CPR training for all instructors.

19.15   In collaboration with the ESS coordinators, the PFW coordinator shall observe and evaluate all lecturers and senior lecturers teaching 1-hour PE/PFW activity courses and report results of the observations/evaluations to the ESS Coordinators.

20. Teacher Education Coordinator:

20.01   Attend Teacher Education Council meetings each semester.

20.02   Complete tentatives for Student Teachers in March for Fall and October for Spring.

20.03   Assign University Supervisors in Summer for Fall and in December for Spring.

20.04   Coordinate Student Teacher Opening Meeting in August for Fall and in January for Spring.

20.05   Attend the University Supervisor Meeting in August for Fall and in January for Spring.

20.06   Coordinate all TExES Practice Tests and reviews (timeline pending). As of Spring 2008, Student Teachers will be given practice tests at the beginning of the Student Teaching Semester. The goal is to do this the semester prior to Student Teaching.

20.07   Assess TExES scores each semester/year in order to align with curriculum.

20.08   Provide Chair of Department the # of sections needed to cover student teaching (in March for Fall and in October for Spring),

20.09   Work with Certification Office deficiency plans and with Graduate Coordinator in the Department on MAC Program.

20.10   Work with PE 3322/3324 instructor in identifying schools for field placements, etc.

The Program Coordinators Committee (PCC)

21. The PCC is comprised of all Program Coordinators and the Department Chair.

22. The Department Chair will meet with Program Coordinators at least once per month.

23. Minutes of the program meetings will be prepared by the Department Chair and submitted to the PCC.

Certification Statement

This HHP PPS has been approved by the reviewers listed below and represents the

HHP Department policy and procedure from the date of the document until superseded.


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