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Employment of Faculty

The Department of Health and Human Performance (HHP)

HHP Policy and Procedure Statement: 2.01                                                  Employment of Faculty

Revised: November 21, 2008                                                                       Without Terminal Degrees

Review Cycle: December 1, every 3 years                                                   (10 paragraphs)       

Review Date: December 1, 2011                                                                                            

Reviewer: The HHP Voting Faculty


1. The Department of Health and Human Performance (HHP) policy and procedure statement on employment of faculty without terminal degrees, such as lecturers, is based on Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) Comprehensive Standards 3.71 and Academic Affairs PPS 7.02.

2. To teach in the Department of HHP, faculty should hold a terminal degree appropriate to the discipline. Examples of acceptable degrees include a doctorate in Health; Health Education; Public Health; Health Studies; Health Sciences; Health Promotion; Recreation; Recreational Administration; Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Management; Travel, Tourism and Hospitality; Recreation Studies; Recreation and Leisure Studies; Therapeutic Recreation; Leisure Behavior; Adult, Professional, and Community Education; Exercise and Sports Science; Exercise Physiology; Kinesiology; Human Performance; Pedagogy; Physical Education; Adaptive Physical Education; Sport Management; Athletic Training; Nutrition; Sports Psychology; Developmental Psychology; Movement Sciences; Motor Behavior; Motor Learning; Motor Development; Sports Sociology; Exercise and Sports Nutrition; Translational Physiology; Physiotherapy; and Physical Therapy.

  3.01 The SACS requires that faculty teaching graduate and post-baccalaureate course work must have an earned doctorate/terminal degree in the teaching discipline or a related discipline.

      3.02 In nearly ervery case, faculty who teach graduate courses in the Department of HHP must adhere to this guideline.

      3.03 Exceptions are rare and available only to facutly who have extraordinary teaching and research credentials, experience appropriate to the discipline, and an extensive record of publication.  All exceptions must receive approval from the Dean of the College of Education, the Dean of the Graduate College, and Provost.

4. Credentials of Undergraduate Faculty.

  4.01 SACS requires that faculty teaching baccalaureate courses hold a doctoral or master's degree in the teaching discipline or master's degree with a concentration in the teaching discipline (minimum of 18 graduate semester hours in the teaching discipline).  Futhermore, at least 25 percent of the descipline courses hours in each undergraduate major are taught by faculty holding the terminal degree-usually the earned doctorate-in the discipline.

4.02 Exceptions include individuals holding a nonterminal degree may be employed in the Department of HHP to teach undergraduates when they meet the SACS requirements and when one or more of the following conditions apply:

a.    Student demand surpasses the department supply of available faculty holding terminal degrees;

b.    Program’s need to offer specialized subjects when faculty with terminal degrees are not available;

c.     Need for specialized instructional tasks (such as supervising internships or teachers seeking certifications) when faculty with terminal degrees are not available.

All exceptions must receive the approval of the departmental chair and Dean of the College of Education.

5. In the event that a qualified individual with an appropriate terminal degree is not available for a specific teaching assignment, the department chair, in consultation with a subcommittee, may hire individuals with appropriate credentials that qualify such individuals for specific teaching position(s). Specifically, the Department of HPER may hire individuals who do not have terminal degrees to teach undergraduate courses if all of the following conditions are met:

5.01 The individual holds a Master’s Degree in the academic discipline or a master’s degree with a concentration in the academic discipline (i.e., at least 18 graduate credit hours completed in the academic discipline).

5.02 The individual provides at least three letters of reference pertaining to knowledge and teaching skill in the area of assignment.

5.03 The individual meets all other university criteria for faculty hiring.

5.04 The Chair and a hiring subcommittee that includes at least two tenured faculty members with documented expertise in the study area of assignment approve the individual for hire.

6. In the event that criteria stated in paragraph 5.01 is not met, other qualifications may be considered. Consideration of employment may be given to individuals who have one or more of the following:

6.01 Have demonstrated expertise in the area of assignment.

6.02 Have received honors or awards for excellence in teaching or scholarly activity from health, physical education, and recreation state and national professional organizations/associations.

6.03 Hold one or more national certifications, including, but not limited to, American College of Sports Medicine Health and Fitness Instructor, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Certified Health Education Specialist, Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist, National Athletic Trainer’s Association, and Certified Parks and Recreation Professional.

6.04 Have at least three years of K-16 teaching experience.

7. A faculty member without a terminal degree will be hired as a lecturer, will receive a probationary 9-month contract term, and will not be eligible for tenure. In addition, the faculty member must:

7.01 Teach a 12-credit hour load per semester.

7.02 Provide evidence of teaching effectiveness each semester.

7.03 Participate in service as appropriate to the teaching assignment and as approved by the Personnel Committee

7.04 Participate in professional development related to the specific teaching assignment.

7.05 Maintain his/her academic qualifications through various professional activities, such as attending and/or participating in local, state, regional, and/or national conferences.

8. A Lecturer may be promoted to Senior Lecturer if the individual meets the criteria stated in paragraph 2.01, and has:

8.01 A minimum of five years of full-time professional employment.

8.02 Been employed in the Department of HPER for at least two years.

8.03 Has a consistent record of quality teaching evaluations.

8.04 Has supervised program activities and/or participated in program development.

8.05 Has maintained his/her academic qualifications by staying active in scholarly/creative professionally recognized activities.

9. Senior Lecturers will be expected to:

9.01        Teach a 12-credit hour load per semester.

9.02        Engage in service activities.

9.03        Engage in professional activities.

10.  Evaluation and Continued Employment: Departmental chairs, faculty review and personnel committees regularly evaluate all faculty who lack terminal degrees. Continuing employment requires the approval of the departmental chair and the Dean of the College of Education. For specifications refer to HPER PPS 3.02, Evaluation of Faculty.


This HHP PPS has been approved by the reviewers listed below and represents the HHP Department policy and procedure from the date of the document until superseded.

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                        Chair of the HPP Department