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Accident Policy

The Department of Health and Human Performance (HHP)

HHP Policy and Procedure Statement: 4:03 Accident Policy

Accident Reports should be filed when an accident occurs that involves injury to a student. Accident Report forms can be obtained in the Departmental office. The report must be completed by the instructor of record and forwarded to the Chairperson’s office within 48 hours after the accident. Copies will be sent to the University attorney’s office as needed.

The University attorney must be kept aware of potential claims against the University.

Immediate action is necessary in case of an injury to a student. Faculty members must exercise judgment in the handling of all accident situations. The following are guidelines for handling accident cases:

1. A First Aid cabinet is located in the Equipment Room in Jowers Center and the Aqua Sports Center Pool office.

2. Blankets and stretchers are also located in the Equipment Room. Backboards are available at the Aqua Sports Center.

3. The University police will transport ambulatory accident victims to the Student Health Center.

4. The Emergency Medical Service should be called for injuries that will require treatment at a hospital.

5. For non-life threatening injuries, students may need to be referred to the Student Health Center or their health care provider. If the injury is minor, students need to be advised how to treat the injury at home (e.g., apply ice, elevate, rest, etc.)

Telephone Numbers:

University Police (Emergency only) 911

University Police (Non-emergency only) 245-2805

University Police (Administration) 245-2890

Student Health Center 245-2161

Fire 911

City Police (Dispatcher) 753-2108

EMS (Ambulance) 911

Ambulance-Business Office 353-5115

Athletic Training Room (Jowers Center) 245-2979

Athletic Training Room (Endzone) 245-3650

Poison Control (Nationwide) 800-222-1222