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Absence From Campus

The Department of Health and Human Performance (HHP)

Policy and Procedure Statement: 4.01Absence from Campus
Developed: Fall, 2007         (14 paragraphs)
Revised: December 9, 2008
Review Cycle: December 1, every 3 years
Review Date: December 1, 2011
Reviewer: The HHP Voting Faculty


  1. Substitute: A person employed by Texas State University who may be requested to cover a class to be missed (i.e. should be present in the class during scheduled class meeting).
    1. 1.01 It is required that a Substitute be a person who holds a faculty line at Texas State University.
    2. 1.02 A Substitute is a person whose office resides in Jowers Center or who works regularly in Jowers Center. Such a person is familiar with the layout of the building and knows, generally, how day-to-day operations are carried out.
    3. 1.03 Special consideration may be made by the department chair or program coordinator to approve a Substitute who does not fit categories 1.01 and 1.02 above (e.g. a professor emeritus).
  2. Guest: A person who is not employed by Texas State University who may be requested to make a class presentation during a class that is to be missed.


  3. Instructors are expected to meet regularly with classes as scheduled. If an instructor must be absent, she or he shall inform the department chair. (See VPAA PPS 4.02.)
  4. The department chair is required to keep a record of each employee's absences (See Faculty Handbook.) Hence, the chair shall be informed of an absence, whether classes are missed or not.
  5. While full procedures for requesting absences and leaves vary according to the absence or leave, the department chair is to be notified of all anticipated absences or leaves by completing the department's "Absence from Campus Reporting Form." It is the responsibility of the individual requesting an absence or leave to fulfill all other requirements for notification or securing approval in addition to notifying the chair of the department via the "Absence from Campus Reporting Form."
  6. Details of procedures for different types of absence or leave may be found in the university's policies and the faculty handbook.


  7. An anticipated absence should be reported at least one week prior to the absence.
  8. It should be noted that, by university policy, some types of absence or leave require a longer period of prior notification and some have deadlines for submission of notification or an application. Wherever such a case applies or wherever the policy of the university requires otherwise than stated in this section, the university's policy supercedes and must be followed.
  9. The anticipated absence is to be reported as follows:
    1. 9.01 An "Absence from Campus Reporting Form" shall be completed.
    2. 9.02 The completed form should be submitted to the program coordinator of the instructor's unit.
    3. 9.03 The program coordinator will sign the form and submit it to the department chair.
    4. 9.04 The chair will keep a record of the instructor's absence.


  10. The instructor requesting absence is responsible for recruiting an approved Substitute to cover classes to be missed. (See Paragraph 1 for definition of "Substitute.")
  11. The instructor requesting absence may seek assistance of the program coordinator and/or chair in finding a Substitute to cover classes that are to be missed.
  12. The "Absence from Campus Reporting Form" must be completed.
  13. If a Guest is to be used, a Substitute must be present to facilitate the class meeting. (See Paragraph 1 for definition of "Guest" and "Substitute.")
  14. A suitable assignment may be given to a class in place of the class meeting. In such a case, the instructor is required to communicate the terms of the assignment clearly to class members.

Certification Statement

This HHP PPS has been approved by the reviewers listed below and represents the Health and Human Performance (HHP) policy and procedure from the date of the document until superseded.

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Absence from Campus Reporting Form