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Biomechanics/Sports Medicine Lab

Biomechanics/Sports Medicine Lab

The Biomechanics/Sports Medicine Lab (Jowers B130) is a 2700 square foot multi-disciplinary research and teaching center focusing on biomechanics, physical medicine, and strength and conditioning research. Multiple biomechanical measurement systems are available for faculty and student research.

The kinetics of movement can be examined with two AMTI force platforms, a Biodex System 4 Pro isokinetic dynamometer, a Pasco portable force platform, and various load cells and hand-held dynamometers.


Three-dimensional kinematics are documented with a 4 camera (240 Hz) Qualisys system with Visual3D software a Motion Monitor electromagnetic tracking system. Two-dimensional quantitative videography may be performed with Contemplas Templo, Dartfis, or MaxTRAQ software. Several video cameras are available for high-speed (up to 1000 Hz) imaging of human movements.



Muscle activation during movement can be documented with 8 channels of BioPac surface EMG system. A variety of accelerometer and electrogoniometer instruments are used to synchronize the data to the movement.


Clinical balance assessment equipment includes a NeuroCom and Biodex Balance System