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Exercise & Sports Science Graduate Programs

Exercise & Sports Science Graduate Programs

The Exercise and Sports Science (ESS) division in the Department of HHP offers a Master of Science in Exercise Science and a Master of Education in Physical Education. The M.S. in Exercise Science is designed to prepare graduate students to work in clinical, community, and sports settings in the area of cardiac rehabilitation, fitness and wellness promotion, and strength and conditioning. Students may choose to major in Physical Education in one of two specializations.  The Masters and Certification program is designed to prepare graduate students for teacher certification in elementary and high school settings. The Sports Education program prepares individuals to coach children, adolescents, and/or adults in communities, K-12 schools, colleges, universities, and professional organizations.

What the ESS Graduate Program is all about!

Employment Options

There is an increasing need for professionals with advanced degrees in Exercise Science and Physical Education as: 1) the nation grapples with obesity and diabetes epidemics; 2) physicians place more emphasis on preventive care; 3) the population continues to age; and 4) participation in organized sports grows. Thus, graduates with a master’s degree in Exercise Science or Physical Education will be in demand and able to work in a all sectors of the workforce, including federal, state and local government health agencies, health organizations, public schools, and universities, as physical educators, coaches, grant specialists/coordinators, and directors of health clubs and wellness programs.

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