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Parent Remarks

Parent Remarks


The parents complete a survey after each session that includes questions about their child’s experience and participation in camp activities, the counselors, and their overall camp perception. Results of the survey showed that all parents felt that their child enjoyed the camp. Here are some of their written comments:

  •  "My child looks forward to this camp every year.  This was the only camp he wanted to attend this year."

  • “It’s about 1/3 of the cost of regular camps. This camp greatly improves behavior and is a huge asset to us as we would not be able to afford regular camp cost with our very large family."

  • “The amount saved is tremendous compared to other camps & child care. It has allowed us to enroll [our child] in many more summer activities that otherwise we couldn’t afford.”

  • “Everyone was so happy & seemed to love being there to help the children. Thank you so much!”

  • “A summer favorite for our child!”

  • “What aspects of the camp experience are the best? “The 1:1 ratio, consistency in routine, positive & supportive camp staff, opportunity for new experiences & time to play.”

  • “This camp is very affordable. It was also very helpful that we were given scholarships.”

  • “[My child] looks forward to it every year.”

  • “My son feels relaxed and comfortable at the camp. The counselors are always encouraging, upbeat and attentive to the camper’s needs.”

  • “The camp is run really well. We always form a great relationship with our counselors.”

  • “It’s an amazing camp, we love it! We are very fortunate to be able to send [our son] to the camp. Thank you!”

  • “Just keep this camp going forever!”

  • “I just want to say thank you Dr. Liu and everyone who works with her. Every summer we look forward to this camp.”

All the parents who completed the survey commented that they want their child to attend the camp again.