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In 2017, Texas State Autism Camp took an end of camp field trip to Morgan’s Wonderland in San Antonio, Texas. The campers and counselors left at 9:00am Thursday morning to San Antonio and returned to Mendez Elementary school at 3:00pm. Morgan’s Wonderland is a nonprofit accessible theme park designed for kids with disabilities and is open to the public for both kids and adults. The 1:1 ratio allowed the kids to venture off and find what they like to play with while their counselor joined in their fun. Some kids enjoyed having other campers go along with them while going to the different attractions. Parents were more than welcomed to join their kids on this field trip as well as bring along siblings. Some of the attractions the campers liked were the Whirling Wonder, Carousel, Sensory Village, and Water Works table.

In 2010, the campers went to Morgan’s Wonderland in San Antonio. At Morgan’s Wonderland, campers were able to take part in activities such as a sensory room, fishing, water fun, sand pits, playgrounds, and car/train rides. In 2011, our camp field trip was to the Austin Zoo where campers and counselors spent the whole day at the zoo exploring the park and learning about the animals. The counselors stayed with their campers, but allowed the campers to have the freedom to choose what they wanted to see and where they wanted to go. The purpose of these field trips is to give the campers the opportunity to have a new experience that they may not normally be exposed to and give them a day of fun and excitement. We are looking to expand our field trip program and hope to visit an exciting new location in the subsequent years.