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Camp Activities

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Camp counselors assist campers in a daily schedule that provides time for physical recreation, arts, crafts, games, swimming, yoga, and other important activities. This structured environment allows the children, to better follow directions and stay on task. Positive development is nurtured in a non-competitive atmosphere. The daily schedule allows each camper to increase his/her fine and gross motor skills, sensory-motor development, self-esteem, and socialization skills.  Furthermore, it educates these young campers in choosing appropriate physical leisure time activities. It is our intention to provide campers with an enjoyable summer program experience that will help them be successful in integrated settings now and in the future.

Campers also have the opportunity to participate in Swim Days. The campers go to the Texas State Aquatics center to use the leisure pool twice a week. The counselors receive special training to help the campers cope with the new water environment. With the 1:1 ratio, campers of all swimming abilities and across the spectrum are able to participate. Counselors are there to guide and help teach basic swimming skills such as blowing bubbles, floating on their back, and kicking. Then, the campers participate in group activities based on age. All the campers really enjoy Swim Days as a new addition to the camp schedule.

A specifically designed 1-hour Drumtastic program for our campers to engage in twice a week this summer. Each camper is paired with a counselor who assists them with verbal and physical prompts if needed throughout the class. Each child also has an individual yoga mat, ball, bucket and a set of drumsticks. Yoga breaks are taken in between songs to help prevent the campers from overstimulation. These breaks focus on relaxation and teach the camper calming breathing techniques, massage techniques. Moreover, we are collecting research data to determine if the Drumtastic & yoga benefits our campers in improving, gross and fine motor, balance, flexibility, imitation skills, communication and mood.

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